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    Established in 2018 and over 10 years industry experience, Aurora Air & Electrical is driven by quality workmanship and the positive feedback from its customers. We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality results on all jobs, big or small.

    Switchboard Upgrades, Aircon Installation & Other Electrical Services - Call Our Licensed Electricians To Your Home in Oatley, NSW!

    There are many reasons why you should hire an electrician for your residential electrical problems in Oatley. One of the most important reasons is that they have a thorough understanding of the electrical system and know how to get things working efficiently. In other words, they will know how to keep your family safe during an electrical emergency. Electricians are also experienced in handling complicated wiring systems, which can avoid potential future problems.

    If you’re looking for a qualified, licensed electrician in Oatley, NSW, you should call Aurora Air & Electrical. We’re based in Kirrawee and, thus, are just a few minutes away from your home. Our qualified electricians will deliver quality workmanship and service at an affordable price. Call Aurora Air & Electrical today and get in touch with one of our electricians for a free quote.

    Super Reliable Electricians Near You - Aurora Air & Electrical

    When should you hire our electricians for your Oatley home? There are a few factors that will determine when it is time for you to call in the professionals:

  • If your old wiring is not up-to-date with today’s standards
  • If your Sydney home was damaged by water or fire
  • If your home requires major repairs, such as installing new wiring or replacing outlets and switchboard upgrades
  • When it comes to residential electrical installations, you have to be very careful about who you hire and what you are getting. Knowing the difference between an electrician and a handyman is important before hiring one to work on your home. A licensed electrician is trained with the latest equipment, tools, and techniques to install new circuits or replace old ones effectively. They also know wiring codes for residential electrical installations. And that’s exactly why you should hire licensed electricians like ours at Aurora Air & Electrical in Kirrawee, NSW.

    Our electricians work with the latest and most efficient equipment while being up to date with the newest technology. More importantly, they use their knowledge to solve problems that often arise during installation or electrical repair work.

    Switchboard Upgrades in Oatley - Hire the best electricians at Aurora Air & Electrical

    Electricity switches are important because they allow a home to be powered. When these switches break or get outdated, they can cause power outages. This means that for many people, switchboard upgrades could be needed. Our electricians can upgrade your switchboards in no time. Aurora Air & Electrical is highly-experienced in switchboard upgrades in the Oatley and Sydney areas.

    Aurora Air & Electrical has been in business since 2018 and our electricians have many years of industry experience. Yes, we have a long history of providing quality services to our customers near Oatley. So, go ahead and hire our electricians for quick & hassle-free switchboard upgrades today. We’re based in Kirrawee and are just a phone call away from your home! Our electricians are always available to solve your problems and we can get you up and running again within a few hours. If you require an urgent electrical service, please call us as soon as possible!

    Air Conditioning Services - Call Aurora Air & Electrical for Aircon installation & repairs

    Air conditioners are essential to the comfort of our homes, offices and other places we visit. However, they sometimes break down and cause discomfort. The maintenance, repairs and installation of air conditioners should be handled by professional technicians because this will not only get your system up and running fast but also avoid breaking down in the future.

    At Aurora Air & Electrical, we offer our customers a wide range of air conditioner installation and repair services. Our team of qualified, experienced, and certified technicians are always on hand to take care of any issues you may have with your existing air conditioner. Furthermore, we provide maintenance and repair services for existing aircon systems throughout the year.

    For more information about our switchboard upgrades, air conditioning system installation or any other electrical matter, call us or fill out our enquiry form!