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    Established in 2018 and over 10 years industry experience, Aurora Air & Electrical is driven by quality workmanship and the positive feedback from its customers. We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality results on all jobs, big or small.

    Aurora Air & Electrical Are Your Local Electricians Near Mortdale

    Having a problem with your electrical wiring in your home? Or looking to install new electrical appliances in Mortdale? You have come to the right place. Whatever your problem may be, Aurora Air & Electrical has got you covered. From switchboard upgrades to maintenance and installations, our Mortdale electricians have you covered. Did you know that electrical faults are the leading cause of house fires and short circuits in Australia, making up 51% of all residential fires. Most of these happen just because of sheer negligence on the part of the electricians who installed them in the first place. In recent times when our homes are dominated by electrical appliances that are used in every aspect of our lives and houses, it is essential to choose the very best electrician in Mortdale.

    Aurora Air & Electrical electricians are professionals with years of experience in the industry and a record for keeping our customers satisfied. We are known for our attention to detail and dedication to achieving complete customer satisfaction. We use the best electrical components for your homes. Our team of local professional electricians in Mortdale will always provide the best, affordable services for you, so call us today for a free consultation.

    Best switchboard upgrades Mortdale has to offer!

    The switchboard in our house is the focal point of electrical safety, and it is important to keep it safe and secure to protect your house from electrical hazards. Electrical switchboards that are outdated or kept in poor condition can be dangerous because their fuses may be seated incorrectly, causing hotspots and electrical arcing that can travel through the entire wiring system. This in turn could harm the electrical appliances and pose a significant fire risk.

    Why Switchboard upgrades are Important

    • Better Electrical Safety: Outdated switchboards are an electrical hazard. Most modern switches come equipped with a safety switch, RCD, that saves lives by shutting off before possible electrocution. Modern switchboards help you meet the new standard of electrical safety. That’s why it is important to book a switchboard upgrade if your home in Mortdale has an ageing switchboard.
    • Cope with changing power demands: Look around your house, and the number of electrical appliances in the modern house has almost doubled in comparison to the number of electrical appliances from even 10 years ago. Old switchboards are not built to handle such power; overloads can cause fires.

    • Save money: Energy Efficiency is a modern concept, and older switchboards are a waste of electricity and money. Upgrade to the new models to save a ton on your electrical expense.
    • Get rid of panels with asbestos: Most old switchboards are made of Asbestos which are found to be very toxic to breathe in. Unfortunately, it was a common household product back in the day. When you have older switchboards in your home, you need certified electricians to remove them and install a new backing panel.

    Reasons to Choose Aurora Air & Electrical

    1. Efficiency: Aurora Air & Electrical are known for our superior work and close attention to detail without wasting your resources and valuable time. We complete the project within the estimated deadline and budget.

    2. Reliability and Trustworthiness: No matter how big or small the job may be, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality results. We have a reputation in Mortdale and Sydney for providing the best workmanship possible, which is better than the industry standard

    3. Affordability: Being Mortdale’s local electricians, we know you and your house’s requirements. Hence we charge only what is necessary. We will provide the best switchboard upgrade to improve the safety and energy efficiency in your home.

    Impressed with our electrical services? Call us for a free quote for our switchboard upgrade services in Mortdale.