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    5+ YearsExperience

    Established in 2018 and over 10 years industry experience, Aurora Air & Electrical is driven by quality workmanship and the positive feedback from its customers. We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality results on all jobs, big or small.

    The Best Air Conditioning Services Oatley Has To Offer - Aurora Air & Electrical

    Aurora Air & Electrical is dedicated to making life at home easier for the Oatley community with our range of air conditioning services. We have come a long way since our beginnings and are now one of the best options for air con installations in Oatley, along with other related services.

    We offer domestic and commercial air conditioning services anywhere you are in Oatley. Our AC repairs and servicing are available for everyone in Oatley. Get in touch with our friendly team if you are looking for a reliable solution to your air conditioning problems. You will always find our name involved in any conversation regarding air conditioning, thanks to the terrific customer feedback.

    System That Fits You

    Every house is different and requires a different solution to a common air conditioning problem. Our time in this industry has taught us enough to come up with the system you would need. We offer three different air-conditioning systems:

  • Split System
  • Duct System
  • Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) System
  • Best-in-class Commercial & Domestic Solutions

    For years, we have been helping people make their homes and offices better. It doesn’t matter what size the location is; our technicians can handle it all. Every professional we hire is licensed and has the skills to complete the job to perfection.

    • Domestic Aircon Installation: We have the perfect systems to help you stay safe from whatever is happening with the weather inside. Keep it chilled in the summer and hot in winter. We recommend getting either a split or a duct AC system.
    • Commercial Aircon Installation: For more extensive requirements like offices and large buildings, we recommend getting a VRV system. You can change the levels of cooling everywhere in the building separately with this layout. It is more expensive, but we will provide you with the most budget-friendly packages.

    Work That Lasts For Years

    Our work is about affordability and sustainability. The air con installation and fittings we do last for years, and you can take that as our guarantee. We are thankful to our qualified and experienced technicians who help us provide you with the best aircon installation service in Oatley.

    We make sure you don’t have to worry about the air inside your house or office anymore for years.

    Quality Maintenance & Repair Services

    Aurora Air & Electrical do more than just install an air conditioner in Otley. Find all of your AC-related solutions in one place with zero inconveniences. Our planned preventive maintenance ensures your systems last long. If you face any issues that come up suddenly, we are a call away. We have a team of technicians who know everything about air conditioning inside out. So it makes sense for you to be a part of a high-quality aircon installation team here in Oatley.

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    Air conditioning is something you need to be serious about, considering how extreme the climate can get these days. We have been helping people with affordable and reliable air con installation in Oatley for years. People love us, and so would you. Just give us a call!